​​Gulf City Golfers Inc.

​​Mobile Alabama

History of Gulf City Golfers, Inc.
The history of Gulf City Golfers had a tough and intense beginning.  It started with a small group of men who wanted to play golf on the city owned course and were met with stiff opposition.  Members of the group were Sam Andrews, John Sawyer, Edward Scot, John (Red) Burke, RL Patterson, Julius Johnson, Walter Pope, Walter Coleman and Charlie Goodman.
In 1960, Tom Klump, the resident pro at the Mobile Municipal golf course was the person who repeatedly told the group that they were allowed to play at the golf course although some worked as caddies there.  Eventually the group decided to file a lawsuit challenging their denial to play at the public facility.  
Attorney Vernon Crawford represented GCGi members in court.  After a lengthy hearing, the judge ruled in favor of Gulf City Golfers, lifting the unlawful ban.

The group organized and formed a golf club.  Because of their diversity they were able to raise community awareness and effect change by raising monies to assist local charities in their effort to accomplish their missions.  Gulf City members have made themselves available as volunteers to help wherever needed in the community. 

Over the years Gulf City has supported many inner-city non-profits with funds raised from golf tournaments primarily and their loyal corporate sponsors who wanted to give back to the community. 
Charities and non-profits such as Boy Scouts, Boys and Girl Clubs, Sickle Cell, inner-city scholarships, prison ministry, providing Christmas toys for children, and youth golf camps just to name a few.
We are grateful for the corporations who have supported us in the past and for those who shall.

Gulf City Golfers Inc. is a 501c3 organization; EIN 26-3550551